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More About Us

Dr Tours Travel Specialists.

Owner Manager.


*Dominating the world travelling market including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, European, UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

*Currently doing excellent sales figures.

*We have captured many markets.

*Employing Korean, Chinese and Japanese speakers has seen an increase in Dr Tours growth.

*My Dutch and German Skills have gained the trust from European travelers.

*Travelers coming to this office are treated equally.

*When phoning Premier Buses the customers are told they can come and pay for their ticket here.

*Helping many Islanders and PNG travelers whom are unable to pay with a credit card over the phone.

*I am respected from travelers and operators as a kind, honest non-biased person.

*Showing the customers many options in a friendly understanding method.

*I am doing something that I enjoy and excel at.

*All tour operators allow Dr Tours to book their tours as we do not slander companies whilst briefing customers.

*Dr Tours has record sales with many companies selling more than any other tour desk.

*Have been rated as one of the top ten tour desks in Cairns. I feel I play a major role when it comes to the Tourist Industry. I do not pressure customers into sales that are only high paying commission. I will show them the options, which I feel is best for them.

*Product knowledge and self-experience is an important factor.

*I can truly say that there are no complaints from travelers and they will recommend Dr Tours to others.
*World Record Holder "Guinness Book of Records," AIM speed marketing on 17th October 2013.
*World Record Holder "Guinness Book of Record," AJ Hackett Bungy. I was jumper 530. Old record was 506. 29th August 2015.

2007 IQ Test scoring 144. This is ranked in the top 0.05% in The World.



Diving & Skydiving
I'm a Dive Master with 1000+ dives.

Dived the S.S Yongala, Coral Sea, Cod Hole, Ribbon Reefs, PNG, traveled and dived from all live aboard boats, and all day boats from 
Cairns and Port Douglas.
Deepest Dive 66.2m, Longest Dive 109min.

Skydived 20 times in Cairns, Mission Beach, Innisfail, Brisbane and Byron Bay.
Started APF and now on solo jumps.



Favorite Dive Site
S.S Yongala Ship Wreck in Ayr


Favorite Island
Frankland Islands


Favorite Tour


Favorite Bar
Wool Shed


Favorite Music
R n B


Favorite Drink
Red Bull