Some tours including Skydiving and Scuba Diving may ask you to refrain from joining their tours due to safety reasons.
Please check the ‘Special Notes’ section in each tour page for details.

During most tours, drivers will drive with a lot of care, but if you tend to get motion sickness, we advise you to take some tablets before the tour starts.
Make sure to bring some water too!

We have many types of tours that cater for all age groups!
For the Great Barrier Reef, we highly recommend the [Green Island and Great Barrier Reef] tour.
The outer reef pontoon has an underwater observatory and has a semi-submarine tour you can join.
Snorkelling gear is provided, with sizes catering to small children, and with just a quick jump into the water, you can see all of the beautiful coral and fish.
Lifegaurds are also always on duty!

Each tour requires different things to bring so please have a look at our tour product page to find out what you need to bring to your tour.
Please be aware that some tours include lunch and some do not.