Active Tropics Explorer Day Tour

This is a day tour to Cape Tribulation where the world's oldest successfully surviving tropical rainforests, the world's greatest living tropical reef, the Great Barrier Reef.
Cape Tribulation
Active Tropics Explorer

Daintree Dreaming Tour

Discover the ancient culture of the Kuku Yalanji people with Adventure North Australia. No other experience unveils the mysteries of both the traditional fishing and gathering grounds of Cooya Beach and the World Heritage Daintree National Park in one incredible day tour.
Cape Tribulation
Adventure North Australia

Cape Trib Connections Day Tour

A Cape Tribulation day tour is something you must add to your Tropical North Queensland holiday. Amazing natural beauty and destinations, ancient rainforest flora and fauna, wide rivers and sandy beaches, are just the beginning.
Cape Tribulation
Cape Trib Connections

2 DAY Reef & Adventure Tour

A 2-day Down Under Cruises and Daintree Adventure package tour! Aboard the fastest, award-winning luxury vessel “EVOLUTION” to the Outer Great Barrier Reef, and experience the Daintree rainforest the next day.
Cairns, Cape Tribulation
Down Under Cruise and Dive